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Vanessa Demouy join activists site porn- sex ..?

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To support the League against cancer and breast cancer prevention, five personalities have agreed to pose topless Vanessa Demouy, Chloé Lambert, Gwendoline Hamon, Anne Brochet and Julie Fournier ... After ,
Vanessa Demouy topless for prevention against cancer.
On this occasion Vanessa Demouy told "nudity makes sense. Showing her breasts to such a cause is not trivial. " She says "A very large part of my family has been touched by cancer, especially breast cancer. So I became almost hypochondriac, I mammograms every year. "
bad news A course bad news was the photo of Vanessa DEMOUY join activists site porn- sex ..? Sex porn French site ,

Top 5 celebrity tattoos in showbiz and contest clip

Top 5 celebrity tattoos clipped from hotbloggertube.
Subtle statement or a tattoo too far? Here are 5 celebrities who've gone for some serious body art.Rating resources : ALight in showbiz of MSN video.
5-Megan Fox,4-Mike Tyson,3- Angelina Jolie ,2- Lizard Man , 1-Dennis Rodman


How to easy create your own wiki video clip: Watch Celebrity and Tattoo !

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At first ,i would like to recommend to you a new XML video editor that i was used to create this Celebrity and Tattoo as a wiki video blogger.With their full feature " Video Creation made easy " and wikipedia stupeflix feature  i 'm very interesting to Stupeflix.com and thanks to their free service . You may watch this Celebrity and Tattoo clip on stupeflix site and get remix or download this clip from this LINK .
UPDATE 2011 :newest serial video clips :"Crazy and stupid tattoos ever". CELEBRITY AND TATTOO.( Youtube )
Alyssa Milano.
The "Charmed" actress has a chain with a cross on her right shoulder and a string of roses around her right ankle.
As for the sacred heart on her butt.we're just gonna have to close our eyes and imagine it.  Amy Winehouse.
We/ve all but lost track of Amy's increasingly expanding catalog of body art.But last time we checked,she had an angel.a horseshoe and acouple of burlesque dancers on of whom lost her top (no,we ca…

The very last notable picture of Kurt Cobain and his Dark Star video story revealed

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The lastest notable picture of Kurt Cobain  about his death in 1994 ,that 's for Dark Star story revealed a video serie on WikiVideo Blogger.
A later goodbye post of wiki video blogger to Kurt Cobain with his story videos revealed.We are going to remain very tasteful and true to the spirit of Nirvana while taking the music to places it has never been before.

Nirvana was an American rock band that was formed by singer/guitarist Kurt Cobain and bassist Krist Novoselic in Aberdeen, Washington in 1987. Nirvana went through a succession of drummers, the most notable being Dave Grohl  who joined the band in 1990.
With the lead single "Smells Like Teen Spirit" from the band's second album Nevermind in the year 1991, Nirvana entered into the mainstream, bringing along with it a subgenre of alternative rock called grunge. Other Seattle grunge bands such as Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden also gained popularity, and as a result, alternative rock became a dominant genr…

Janis Joplin best performance,a dark star story clipped by wiki video blogger.

The last recordings Joplin completed were "Mercedes Benz" and a birthday greeting for John Lennon ("Happy Trails", composed by Dale Evans) on October 1, 1970. Lennon, whose birthday was October 9, later told Dick Cavett that her taped greeting arrived at his home after her death.  On Saturday, October 3, Joplin visited the Sunset Sound Studios in Los Angeles to listen to the instrumental track for Nick Gravenites' song "Buried Alive In The Blues" prior to recording the vocal track, scheduled for the next day. When she failed to show up at the studio by Sunday afternoon, producer Paul Rothchild became concerned. Full Tilt Boogie's road manager, John Cooke, drove to the Landmark Motor Hotel (since renamed the Highland Gardens Hotel) where Joplin had been a guest since August 24.  He saw Joplin's psychedelically painted Porsche still in the parking lot. Upon entering her room, he found her dead on the floor. The official cause of death was an overd…

The New WikiVideo on blogger blog,please take a look ...

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The NEW WIKI VIDEO content starting from March 2009.

WikiVideo on blogger ( also on Wordpress blog a video clipped on Vodpod   and a Magnify.net video channel ) are the new video website to shows you many content interesting such as :  - Fun and funny videos.  - Head to head music performance  - Famous artists notable as Dark Star stories.  - Celebrity all interested contents. Also to browse a real story ,a famous life ,a famous songs , mixing in documentary for showing a better way to eveybody like "in the know" by watching a video-clip with more information and more effiency.  NOTES: also has been posted on Videowikia KyteTV ,Wikivideo.BlipTV and more.Any video added on wikivideo new blogger blog will be instanly linking to all video blog-site of Wikivideo.
The new Wiki Video site is a new project of our previous WikiVideo weblog has been provided music video on blogger blogspot share since 2006,specializing in notable Video content for stories ,we clipped any video such as an art…

New video story telling about real death of Jim Morrison the Doors front man.

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In the past year, we celebrated a lastest book "The End" Jim Morrison ,this is a real story and also a last question about Jim death in 1967.We had some trouble of video on Youtube they was no audio sound .Therefor, we make a new version of this video story telling to updating on 2009.

Britney Spears is back with "Piece of me" nominated on MTV.

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Britney's back ! sexy story revealed.
Reading full post from this LINK .

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My Top video Youtube

As a long time i'm not online for adding video on wikivideo site,sorry for this inconvenient when you're stoping by me but don't have any new watching clips.I'm planning to make some flash stuuf through the wikivideo for instant remix on your point of view to the clip on wikivideo blogger.com.Try to return here on the next week for watch something new.


Wikivideo Youtube player -channel and group.

Wikivideo music story :on Youtube
A Life behind the music - Cat Stevens.( 5 Clips )
EPISODE 1 and 2

The Vietnam War ; a lastest remix content from wikivideo.

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The Vietnam War wikivideo exclusive video montage.
There's one of the most notable article about war history,but it's was very long time goes by .We're making this remix wikivideo in 2 languages related to the Vietnam War story.The English main caption and subtitle in Vietnamese language.We think a lot of the two country peoples just meet our last discussion from this exclusive video.
Coming soon ! published to all wikivideo channel : end of September.

Wikivideo on Mogulus TV station source.

Wikivideo walk to another TV source at Mogulus .
We're working for meet with many most notable video0TV source in this time.Wikivideo are already hosted on Youtube : wikivideo-group ,Bliptv : wikivideo channel, Kytetv : wikivideo channel and videowikia , and many days after on MogulusTv .
We adding a display of Mogulus tv with an other channel for testing ,if you're some thing less on watching please add to us a comment for this .Many thanks in advance.
Please don't forget to submit your blog adsense ( if you've.)

a testing for wikivideo channel.