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Wikivideo Youtube player -channel and group.

Wikivideo music story :on Youtube
A Life behind the music - Cat Stevens.( 5 Clips )
EPISODE 1 and 2

The Vietnam War ; a lastest remix content from wikivideo.

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The Vietnam War wikivideo exclusive video montage.
There's one of the most notable article about war history,but it's was very long time goes by .We're making this remix wikivideo in 2 languages related to the Vietnam War story.The English main caption and subtitle in Vietnamese language.We think a lot of the two country peoples just meet our last discussion from this exclusive video.
Coming soon ! published to all wikivideo channel : end of September.

Wikivideo on Mogulus TV station source.

Wikivideo walk to another TV source at Mogulus .
We're working for meet with many most notable video0TV source in this time.Wikivideo are already hosted on Youtube : wikivideo-group ,Bliptv : wikivideo channel, Kytetv : wikivideo channel and videowikia , and many days after on MogulusTv .
We adding a display of Mogulus tv with an other channel for testing ,if you're some thing less on watching please add to us a comment for this .Many thanks in advance.
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a testing for wikivideo channel.

wikivideo : a life behind the music-episode 2

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A wikivideo story : for a life behind the music-episode1

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Click to Play As we may know,everyone can mixing or talking about something common interest at wiki source.A life behind the music ,included 5 clips-episode ,talking about the music ,about a best song-writer-singer aka Cat Stevens.Thanks for watching ! ( 5 clips complete remix )

Wikivideo serial "Adsense Blogs collection".

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