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Alizée and her story behind the music life - is this true?

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ALIZEE  her favorites tattoos A fairy, manga characters, writings ... Alizee are countless tattoos, imposing or discreet. But the singer has confessed to regret: the name of his ex Jérémy Chatelain, written in Arabic on his arm. Just a laser shot can arrange!
When 'Alizée twirl on stage for the tour Dancing with the Stars or she portrays in her latest music video, we see only one thing: his many tattoos, colorful and vibrant. Recently interviewed by Le Parisien, the singer admits moreover not count! 'It's a way to remember the things that marked my life and the people who share it,' she says.
Among her favorites tattoos, there is that of a small Tinkerbell, hidden in the small of her back: 'He has not aged and not really a work of art because the tattoo artist was not very good but I still love it because it's the first. ' But his favorite tattoo is the one she has inside of the arm and representing his daughter Annily, designed like a manga character in i…

Check out Vanessa Hudgens topless photos from past to present

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Vanessa Hudgens looks white hot to celebrate New Years Eve(Dec1014)
The 26-year-old actress was joined for the big night by her friends Ashley Benson and Esther Houston. Vanessa shared an inspiring photos (selfie!) with her fans via social media about her underware Calvin Klein
Here 's her shots in the past,