The New WikiVideo on blogger blog,please take a look ...

The NEW WIKI VIDEO content starting from March 2009.

WikiVideo on blogger ( also on Wordpress blog a video clipped on Vodpod   and a video channel ) are the new video website to shows you many content interesting such as :
 - Fun and funny videos.
 - Head to head music performance
 - Famous artists notable as Dark Star stories.
 - Celebrity all interested contents.
Also to browse a real story ,a famous life ,a famous songs , mixing in documentary for showing a better way to eveybody like "in the know" by watching a video-clip with more information and more effiency. 
NOTES: also has been posted on Videowikia KyteTV ,Wikivideo.BlipTV and more.Any video added on wikivideo new blogger blog will be instanly linking to all video blog-site of Wikivideo.

The new Wiki Video site is a new project of our previous WikiVideo weblog has been provided music video on blogger blogspot share since 2006,specializing in notable Video content for stories ,we clipped any video such as an article-wiki on any wiki resource to remixed , to creative new stub, youtube remixer value subtitle replacement, translate into any language and quite some more for any video was not shows or audio disabled on youtube by matched id copyright
What’s the way for add your vids on Wikivideo ?

On Wikivideo site ,you can get many instruction posts with full easy guide to create or remix a video ,Windows media /Moviemaker /FLV editor ; we will give you some useful free softwares and short lessons could be at your need for learn to make your own video from your computer.After that you have a fast way to present your content by posted or linked to Wikivideo site instantly .

Creating specialized WikiVideo clips and publish for the web has been popular lately.At WikiVideo we’ve a large targeting from search engines and more visitors that will promote your content better than only your own blog-site .A new free way to help every blogger,easy to make it successful !
Reading : Guide to create your wiki-video clip. ( will be posted on 15th March,2009 ).

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