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Stupeflix.TV : your videos,keep up with Twitter to watch all live

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Can’t keep up with Twitter?
Relax and watch it all live on Stupeflix.TV

September 21st, 2009 (clipped via stupeflix blog – Wondering what’s happening at an event right now? What your next destination looks like? What people are saying about you? Sure you could scour Twitter updates and battle your way through hundreds of web pages hoping for relevant information. Or you can just watch it live on your Stupeflix.TV personal channel!

Today Stupeflix announces the public release of Stupeflix.TV, a web television service showing  exactly what you want to see as it is happening. To create a Stupeflix.TV channel, enter what you want to see – e.g. “World Cup 2010” – and click play to instantly watch a short video displaying the last pictures posted on Flickr and the latest Twitter updates matching the channel.
Stupeflix Studio: Your Online Video Production Headquarters Jeff Sep 14th.

Stupeflixcomes with a bundle of tools to make video creation easy for everyone, from single v…

New video story telling about real death of Jim Morrison the Doors front man.

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In the past year, we celebrated a lastest book "The End" Jim Morrison ,this is a real story and also a last question about Jim death in 1967.We had some trouble of video on Youtube they was no audio sound .Therefor, we make a new version of this video story telling to updating on 2009.

A hot-news video watch on mobile or web ,that you don't miss it.

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To read full information about this video clip you just click on the post title Yousaytoo journal by cafeflashvn of Yousaytoo community , that it was an only post about this hot-news-videos.
If sometimes this video clip was dead link or "no longer available" you can watch from this private shares "hot-news videos online" especially for bloggers and my friends online.
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A Youtube channel may be you like-it.


Watch the latest videos on YouTube.com

A part of wikivideo on Kytetv :"VideoWikia"

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As we trying to host video on KyteTV,but the thing i seen it was slow and less speed on showing.Please,wait a moment ago,thanks for watching !
Update for our source : we hosting wikivideo on BlipTV for showing better than Kyte.

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This is a new way to create a wiki-video mixer !

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The WikiVideo Blogger on the line !
Here's a blog guide to you with all skills ,tools ,and for become a member of The WikiVideo.Please return to our group at here and add bookmark to my blog address. The WikiVideo creator community