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UPDATE 2011 : newest serial video clips :"Crazy and stupid tattoos ever".
Alyssa Milano.
The "Charmed" actress has a chain with a cross on her right shoulder and a string of roses around her right ankle.
As for the sacred heart on her butt.we're just gonna have to close our eyes and imagine it. 
Amy Winehouse.
We/ve all but lost track of Amy's increasingly expanding catalog of body art.But last time we checked,she had an angel.a horseshoe and acouple of burlesque dancers on of whom lost her top (no,we can't show you). 
Angelina Jolie.
Of the 11 admitted tats on Jolie's bod, you're probably most familiar with the black cross with the Latin Phase "quod mw nutrit me destruit" (means "what nourishes me also destroys me") on her lower belly.
"know your rights" on her upper back ,a Cambodian poem on her upper left shoulder blade and the latitudes and longitudes for all the birthplaces of her children on her left shoulder (where ex-hubby's name "Billy Bob" used to be.)

Christina Aguilera.
Xtina ( who inked her nickname on the back of her neck) has plenty of tattoed love for hubby Jordan Bratman.Not only did she inscribe "Te amo siempre" (I love you always- in Spanish) next to his Hebrew initials on her inner left elbow.
but she also took a cue from Victoria Beckham and had the Hebrew phrase "I am my beloved's, my beloved is mine" inked on the small of her back.

Christina Ricci.
Christina told the New York Daily News of her tattoo , " It's Asian, the lion God of Narmia , from "The Lion,the Witch,and the Wardrobe". It was a symbol of my hellish childhood. I struggled through my oppressive teenager years,and when I turned 18 , I escaped.
Like Asian, Iwas finnally free. "Yah, take that". teenage oppression.

Courtney Love.
Ya know , for an aging rocker who's been to court for drug possession , we expected her to have a lot more ink on her.But we'll just have to settle for the ring-around-the-ankle tat on her left leg and the fairy godness art on her right shoulder blade ( concealed here by some bejeweled couture ).
Drew Barrymore may have several tattoos , but only one gets regularly flaunted on the red carpet : the large cross wrapped in rose bushes on her right ankle. As for the others, we're told they are to low on her hips to show off ( to the public anyway ).

Eva Longoria Parker.
The " Desperater Housewives" hottie has a small star on the inside of her left wrist , a Celtic cross on her lower back and hubbie Tony Parker's initials in an unknown intimate place,telling
"I'm not saying where it is -but let's just say he gets to view it on a very regular basis".

Eve .
No, those aren't bruises from her overly excited pit bull. The Grammy-winning rapper actually has two canin prints inked on her chest. Woof !

Janet Jackson .
Althrough she has [lenty of tattoos.most people usually think of something else when it comes to Janet's body art (Super Bowl,anyone?). But as far as her ink goes , Ms jackson has some Japanese kanji on the back of her neck and a Borneo-style scorpion on the small of her back.

Jessica Alba .
Turns out the ladybug tattoo on the back of Jessica's neck was the result of a family bonding experience.She revealed to Access Hollywood , "My aunt, my mother,my cousin... all got the same tattoo, sort of a bonding thing."

Kat Von D .
We've all but lost track of how many tats Kat Von D has ( and yes, we've tried counting ) But for someone who has a tattoo parlor reality show. (TLC's "Miami Ink") we expect nothing less.

Kelly Osbourne.
Kelly is such a fan of father Ozzy she even got "Daddy" tattoed on the inside of her left arm, right next to a lock and key, and a scroll that says "this too shall pass" ( don't ask).
Others include a pair of pink angel wings on her back ( hey , Nicole Richie had them first ! ). and a pair of skulls on her feet ( ouch ).

Kelly Ripa .
Sure , she may seem like a squeaky clean talk show host , but apparently even squealy clean talk show hosts get the occasional ankle tattoo.

Margaret Cho.
The comedian has a garden of tattoos on her shoulders , many of which keep growing all way down her back.

Megan Fox.
Among Megan Fox's many tattoos ? A sketch of Marilyn Monroe on her right arm . and a line from King Lear ( "We will all laugh at gilded butterfliers " ) on her back.Yah , guess we need to brush2.




New serial video clip on 2011,click to watching :"Crazy and stupid tattoos ever"

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