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Music and Life , a lookback to notabled Hit Parade

Famous Pop and Rock song list.2: "Something like U!

Something like U from rockvietF on 8tracks Radio. lady gaga Experience look at for Leo

belong together in pop and rock songs

Remember to our dating ,dreaming about the future day you belong with  me .

Don't thinking ...
If i don't wake up and find that what you're looking for has been there "belong with the hippy life" the whole time....and she'gone with "no return"
so far away ,

a day , she's call to me , she'ld like dreaming a dream same as before.
but I'm so tired - i have a family - i don't like it !!!

It's late our dreams , my lady it's too late...
This 8track is just for you.

Belong together Pop Rock from rockvietF on 8tracks Radio.