Alizée and her story behind the music life - is this true?

ALIZEE  her favorites tattoos

A fairy, manga characters, writings ... Alizee are countless tattoos, imposing or discreet. But the singer has confessed to regret: the name of his ex Jérémy Chatelain, written in Arabic on his arm. Just a laser shot can arrange!

When 'Alizée twirl on stage for the tour Dancing with the Stars or she portrays in her latest music video, we see only one thing: his many tattoos, colorful and vibrant. Recently interviewed by Le Parisien, the singer admits moreover not count! 'It's a way to remember the things that marked my life and the people who share it,' she says.

Among her favorites tattoos, there is that of a small Tinkerbell, hidden in the small of her back: 'He has not aged and not really a work of art because the tattoo artist was not very good but I still love it because it's the first. ' But his favorite tattoo is the one she has inside of the arm and representing his daughter Annily, designed like a manga character in its 3 years.

The song "À contre-courant '' a French title.

À contre-courant was written by Mylène Farmer and composed by Laurent Boutonnat, like all the other songs on Mes courants électriques (2003) album. The lyrics tell a story of two lovers who for some reason are apart from each other. The beauty of the lyrics is how the story is told. Nothing is said straight but Mylène used terms from physics and electromagnetism to describe the feeling that she (the main character of the song) feels when thinking about him. Well, that’s just one way to interprete the text as it’s very difficult to understand as is many of Mylène’s lyrics. This can be very fashinating as it gives your mind freedom to deal with the text as you wish. There is no one right answer how to interprete the text.

The music video MV À contre-courant

The music video was shot in Triage-Lavoir de Péronnes, in Péronnes-lez-Binche, in Belgium. The video was directed by Pierre Stine, who also suggested the filming location.[1] The video features Alizée following a man, through an old coal washing plant, as he performs acrobatics. The video was produced by the Belgian production company, Blueberry.[2] It was filmed on 35mm film and the length of the video is 3:54.
The video premiered in M6 on 1 October 2003.

Talking about a video clip ''alizee'' on 

This is a video clip part 1, another video clip Part 2 you should be downloaded below this

Download Alizee a contre-courant - video clip part-2 135.7 MB and then paste pass key , 
Pass Key :  !8J4Fp38dX_GG446-bg2geCZySnLINDrtF38-Dg-FYwo

The performances : she used this outfit 

Alizée at Hit machine. Wearing the black outfit.Alizée at Rien que du Bonheur. Wearing the black outfit without a tie.Black pants & black top from the collection of Jean Paul Gaultier. Black high heels. Slight variations during different performances were seen.

 In most performances she wore also a tie with tartan parttern. The tie seems to be her own addition to the outfit as she also was using it in private with other clothes. 

Also notable that this same outfit was first used on promotional video of Moi… lolita and in a photoshoot for Great Britain. She also used this outfit on her show case in South-Korea.

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