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Can’t keep up with Twitter?
Relax and watch it all live on Stupeflix.TV

September 21st, 2009 (clipped via stupeflix blog – Wondering what’s happening at an event right now? What your next destination looks like? What people are saying about you? Sure you could scour Twitter updates and battle your way through hundreds of web pages hoping for relevant information. Or you can just watch it live on your Stupeflix.TV personal channel!

Today Stupeflix announces the public release of Stupeflix.TV, a web television service showing  exactly what you want to see as it is happening. To create a Stupeflix.TV channel, enter what you want to see – e.g. “World Cup 2010” – and click play to instantly watch a short video displaying the last pictures posted on Flickr and the latest Twitter updates matching the channel.
Stupeflix Studio: Your Online Video Production Headquarters Jeff Sep 14th.

Stupeflix comes with a bundle of tools to make video creation easy for everyone, from single video creation by casual users to thousands videos a day automation for hardcore developers.( a blog post on July 09 Video creation made easy ; on kytetv , a page to present Stupeflix on Echip magazine,a number 1 IT-computer weekly magazine in vi's language resource.)

The Stupeflix Studio is your new personal space, where you can access all the video tools and goods:

About Stupeflix

Stupeflix is a French startup, winner of the SeedCamp 2008 startup competition and finalist of the TechCrunch Europe Awards 2009.
Stupeflix gives life to digital content by turning it into engaging videos.
  • The Stupeflix Studio is a free online tool to easily create custom videos with your pictures and videos. 
  • The Stupeflix API is the most affordable and scalable solution for content-rich web properties to automatically generate massive amounts of video content along fully customized templates.

Stupeflix on the Echip magazine "IT right on your hands" (no.440 July 14th 2009) in "tiếngviệt" language of my blogger-friend on his native resource. ( echip magazine selling weekly ~600.000pcs / 2.000$ IN Đong Vn's each).


NOTES : AUTHOR Nguyentruong aka bloggervietnamese.
If you like a post on echip magazine  or Thegioi@ magazine ( ) same as this to presenting for your web2.0 (or any apps,softwares, services) in VN's IT local resources,send your content (or any info) to me at :

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