Who's the most dangerous Gangs-band on the planet

This post including almost dangerous Gangs most knowing on 21th century untill now. Reading full post with images and a sub-page video clip pirates Somali show of their prize after seizing a container boat.The footage shot by the pirates .

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Hot-list : The most dangerous Gangs Band in the Planet.

hey are composed of thousands of members, live racketeering, drug trafficking and arms trade, flouting all laws and are sowing terror in their countries. Investigation into images on the most dangerous gangs on the planet.
the PCC

Mara Salvatrucha or MS-13
The United Bamboo,

Panthers Roses Serbia
Hells Angels
Pirates Somalia

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Most dangerous gangs :The Somali pirates show of their prize-EP1

Don't call us pirates. We are protectors.

Somali Pirates aboard Yasa Neslihan : Pirates show off their prize after seizing a container ship off the coast of Somalia in October 2008.The footage was shot by the pirates on the ship.

  • Most of Somalia's modern-day pirates are fishermen
    and the number of attacks has skyrocketed.
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