Minor quoted on Yousaytoo community for blogging rewarded.

Make money on blogging through Yousaytoo.com community ad revenue sharing.
Sometimes ,we talking about make money on blogging same as we earnings through our Youtube AdSense videos.I found a real community revenue sharing that not was on the top rated ,but in this time Yousaytoo growing fast and does their monthy contest to reward the money to members.
Btw , i joined and started to posting a few month ago from now.
If you read from this clipmarks i clipped below or go to my brother Yousaytoo's journal and browse some tags same as "contest,monthly contest,yousaytoo", you will find their results contest posted that i was listed as a winner.
I think ! I would like to share and recommended to my visitor this community for your blogging money ( passion with?). This is a real adsense revenue sharing site and real contest to get the money.

clipped from www.yousaytoo.com

is an ad revenue sharing community that rewards you for socializing and sharing online.


Write your journal, upload games and buzz yourself out to make money online.

The more people read your content, the more money you make.

Participate in our Affiliate Program - invite your friends to make money!
clipped from www.yousaytoo.com

May Contest Results

We reward top 3 users for their journals:
Kocharvimal gets $250 for his journal & post
Kauser gets $50 for his journal
MandM gets $50 for her journal

The top flash games uploader is Tequilla and we reward him with $125

The top 3 buzzer writers of the month are:
BenDover5 receives $50
Emo receives $25
Candy-grl receives $25

For informing others about our community we reward Cafeflashvn with $250

We would also like to inform you that whoever invites the most friends to yousaytoo using ref link will also be rewarded.

We wish everyone luck in June.

Yousaytoo team.

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    May Contest Results
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